Jan 25, 2015

Cassava News 131

Cassava News
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Update of Cassava News from  08 January 2015 to 25 January, 2015.

Advancement of Asian Cassava Molecular Breeding by Cutting-edge Technologies 

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Cassava in Vietnam: Save and Grow
Recent progress of sustainable cultivation techniques for cassava in Vietnam

Cassava now on school feeding menus

Trinidad & Tobago Express - ‎cách đây 14 giờ‎
Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj, left, samples a veggie cassava crust pizza, while Tunapuna Boys RC pupils, from right Kaleb Wright, Dequan Haynes and Anderson Earnel, try the cassava muffins on Friday during the National School Dietary ...
Cassava muffin project launched Production of local fruits, vegetables ...

Cassava-inspired batik motif from Bondowoso

Jakarta Post - ‎14-01-2015‎
Cassava, typically a popular ingredient for a signature snack from the East Javanese town of Bondowoso, begs to differ - inspiring an exclusive batik motif.

Ofe Nsala Served With Cassava Fufu Or Semovita

The Guardian Nigeria - ‎16-01-2015‎
THE food we eat can be a natural medicine or poison for the system. It can contribute to a healthy living or lead to ill health. Nutritious and good foods help one to look one's best and be healthy.

IFAD, Niger Govt to Boost Rice, Cassava Farmers' Capacities

AllAfrica.com - ‎15-01-2015‎
Minna - The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Niger State Government are to spend over N2 billion on the training of cassava and rice farmers in three local government areas of the state over the next six years. While IFAD ...

Myanmar's Promising Cassava Starch Industry Major Highlights at Upcoming 4th ...

Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release) - ‎19-01-2015‎
Myanmar's cassava industry will be a key highlight at Centre for Management Technology's upcoming 4th Starch World to be held at Yangon's Inya Lake Hotel this 29-30 January, 2015.

Niger Govt, IFAD Collaborate to Develop Cassava, Rice Value Chain

Vanguard - ‎15-01-2015‎
THE Niger Government on Thursday said it was collaborating with the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) to develop cassava and rice value chain in the state. The Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Prof. Mohammed ...

Fufu: Ghana's favorite meal

Turkish Press - ‎22-01-2015‎
Fufu is prepared from cassava. After being peeled, washed, sliced and boiled, the cassava is pounded into powder. Then, with a few drops of water sprinkled on it, the mash becomes sticky.

Bonasika Mission

Stabroek News - ‎cách đây 4 giờ‎
... there is not enough land. Toshao Stafford Williams said residents are unable to engage in large-scale farming. He said residents farm “by the lot” and the little produce, including cassava, eddo and plantains, …..To continue reading, login or ...

Looking for Mr Wrong

Jamaica Gleaner - ‎cách đây 7 giờ‎
Kassav is the French Creole word for cassava. The band chose that name to signify nutritious local food which, like music, nurtures body and spirit.

Research for public policy and action

Jamaica Gleaner - ‎cách đây 7 giờ‎
The other case was innovative work done on creating food products from the humble cassava by staff in hospitality and nutrition, resulting in a published book.

Zambia donates Flood relief items to Malawi

The Maravi Post - ‎20-01-2015‎
Ms Degroot said the cassava base beer lager is a cheaper, affordable and heathier alternative for consumers who cannot afford the company's mainstream products and end up resorting to harmful spirits and others of cheaper quality and home brews of ...

Secret Behind Nigeria's Stable Bread Price

AllAfrica.com - ‎19-01-2015‎
When the Federal Government introduced the mandatory cassava in bread policy under the past administration, the flour millers viewed it with contempt.

Finding alternatives to maize: where are we?

Zambia Daily Mail - ‎20-01-2015‎
Once again I am appealing to the government to consider commercialising cassava farming. Cassava nsima is not strange in our country as it is what the people of Luapula and North-western provinces have in the stead of maize nsima and that is the reason ...

State donates relief items to Malawi

Zambia Daily Mail - ‎16-01-2015‎
Ms Degroot said the cassava base beer lager is a cheaper, affordable and heathier alternative for consumers who cannot afford the company's mainstream products and end up resorting to harmful spirits and others of cheaper quality and home brews of ...

Eco-Goddess Indian activist Vandana Shiva, charging $40000 a speech, takes ...

Genetic Literacy Project - ‎23-01-2015‎
... applications of agricultural biotechnology that almost everyone agrees is beneficial: tweaking crops to protect them against deadly diseases (the Hawaiian papaya) and insects (Bt crops) or adding nutritional elements, such as in cassava, an African ...

Video: Bill Gates advocates for GMOs in Brussels

Genetic Literacy Project - ‎23-01-2015‎
“I think Africans have a sovereign right,” Gates said, referring to their choice to use “innovative farming techniques.” He gave cassava disease as an example. There is a GMO cassava that stops nausea disease, he said. “Should African countries be told ...

Africa ripe for investment despite 'pockets of instability'

USA TODAY - ‎22-01-2015‎
We can buy South Africa's corn and South Africa could buy our cassava starch, John Coumantaros, chairman of the Flour Mills of Nigeria offered Zuma during a discussion broadcast on CNBC Africa and in front of a live audience.
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