Jan 1, 2015

Cassava News 129

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Update of Cassava News from 21 Dec. 2014  to 01 January, 2015.

Advancement of Asian Cassava Molecular Breeding by Cutting-edge Technologies 

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Cassava in Vietnam: Save and Grow
Recent progress of sustainable cultivation techniques for cassava in Vietnam

African Brewers Deploy Sorghum, Cassava in Production

The Guardian - ‎cách đây 16 giờ‎
There is a growing trend towards contract farming of cassava and other inputs to the brewing industry across Africa, where seven governments have established special tax regimes to stimulate the use of local crops in beer production.

HarvestPlus Opens Cassava Products Outlet in Ibadan

THISDAY Live - ‎cách đây 12 giờ‎
A model vitamin-A cassava sales outlet was recently launched by HarvestPlus-Nigeria in Ibadan in conjunction with its development partners, Nollywood producers and actors, led by Zeb Ejiro, to boost Nigerians access to the bio-fortified cassava crops.

Discordant Tunes Over Cassava Bread

The Guardian - ‎31-12-2014‎
Specifically, during the launch of the first commercial 10 percent composite cassava and wheat flour product, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr.

Plateau Cassava Processing Factory 60% Complete – Commissioner

Leadership Newspapers - ‎22-12-2014‎
The Plateau government said on Monday in Jos that the structural development of its Cassava Processing Factory had reached 60 per cent completion.

Hunger Gnaws at Burundi's Soul

Voice of America - ‎30-12-2014‎
Minani tells an all too familiar tale of not having enough land to cultivate and of disease, which this year has wiped out her green beans and cassava, a tasteless but stomach-filling staple crop. Her only hope is for a small harvest of potatoes. Her ...

Securing future food supply for the developing world

Phys.Org - ‎19-12-2014‎
Dr. Uwe Sonnewald. Credit: FAU/Georg Pöhlein Cassava, also known as manioc, provides the basic diet for more than half a billion people.

First WordFest gathering of the new year takes place Tuesday

Longview Daily News - ‎cách đây 11 giờ‎
The first WordFest gathering of the year will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Cassava, 1333 Broadway in Longview. Mary Putka will read from her collection of short stories, “Letters To My Oldest Daughter.

Ebola Ravages Economies in West Africa

New York Times - ‎30-12-2014‎
In some areas of Sierra Leone, agricultural production has dropped by nearly half because so many cassava and rice farmers were ordered to stay home for mandatory quarantines.

'Agribusiness financing still a major challenge'

Nigerian Tribune - ‎29-12-2014‎
Mrs Bola Adeyemo is a retired bank manager who is now into agriculture - Vitamin A cassava cultivation and processing into various products in Eruwa area of Oyo State - creating jobs for tens of people and empowering hundreds of women in ...

Tales of inspiration to kickstart 2015

Royal Gazette - ‎cách đây 21 giờ‎
Recipes for success: Bermudian Judah Smith, seen above presenting a dish to his mother at Lido, was chosen from thousands of applicants to appear on Junior MasterChef.

Entertainment Calendar

Longview Daily News - ‎cách đây 11 giờ‎
Sing a Song of Science: Singer-songwriter Nancy Stewart explores science in show for kids. Part of the Rainy Months series. 2 p.m.

Satayz a flavorful Indonesian restaurant in Colton

San Bernardino County Sun - ‎cách đây 17 giờ‎
An added bonus are the fried cassava (yucca) rectangles cooked in soybean oil after a coating of light breading, served with a sweet, spicy chile sauce for dipping.

Top 10 government giveaways (or smart investments) to Ohio corporations

cleveland.com - ‎30-12-2014‎
Phycal developed a strain of cassava to produce low-cost sugar that can be used for to produce algae - which in turn can be made into ethanol, an alternative to petroleum-based fuel.

Palm Oil, Irish Potatoes - Huge Investments to Boost Production in NW

AllAfrica.com - ‎31-12-2014‎
More efforts to give second-generation agriculture, development and poverty alleviation a chance in the North West region have been saluted with the Cameroon/ADB FCFA 19.2 billion funded Grassfield project II activities launched in the Tubah/Santa and ...

Reshaping Agriculture Is Africa's Window To A Diversified Economic Future

Ventures Africa - ‎cách đây 16 giờ‎
If you listen to the Minister of Agriculture of Nigeria, during his interviews, he speaks about the government's targets for agriculture.

Why These Graduates Are Primed to Reduce World Hunger

Yahoo News - ‎30-12-2014‎
Among other traits, the cocoyam is a critical weaning food, with a starch more digestible than a yam or cassava. However, it grows erratically and is difficult to hybridize, something Nwofia is working on.

Married off in Mozambique

Al Jazeera America - ‎30-12-2014‎
They raised 12 children between them and support themselves by growing beans, corn and cassava. Cuna is 52, an age she deciphered after asking her oldest daughter.

Why Rincon Tropical's fare is suited for a Michigan winter

Detroit Metro Times - ‎30-12-2014‎
The heaviness is because of the ubiquity of plantains and yuca (cassava), the bland, starchy root. Both are mashed, fried, or baked to produce all sorts of different dishes.

Retiree relives 1971 flood nightmare

The Sun Daily - ‎cách đây 1 giờ‎
"Some could not eat as food was unavailable while others had to resort to eating cassava. This year's floods traumatised me as it reminded me of the horrible 1971 experience," he added.

Drug scanners sit unused as drugs pass through Limón port

The Tico Times - ‎30-12-2014‎
1, Dutch authorities in Rotterdam uncovered 3.5 metric tons of cocaine hidden in a shipment of cassava roots that originated in Costa Rica.

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