Nov 21, 2014

Cassava News 127

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Update of Cassava News from 11 November  to 21 November, 2014.
Sustainable soil and crop management of cassava in Asia (See more ...)

Cassava: Exciting New Markets for Farmers in Rwanda

The Africa Report - ‎cách đây 16 giờ‎
The Kinazi Cassava Plant (KCP), Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company (DADTCO) and IFDC Rwanda are proud to announce their intended partnership, aiming to develop new markets for farmers and strengthening the cassava value chain in ...

IITA votes $2.2m for cassava development

The Nation Newspaper - ‎cách đây 9 giờ‎
The Support to Agricultural Research and Development of Strategic Crops(SARD-SC) project, funded by the African Development Bank (AFDB) and executed by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), has budgeted $2.2million for its cassava ...

Govt Launches Commercial Production of 10 Percent Cassava Composite Flour ...

The Guardian - ‎20-11-2014‎
Abuja - THE Federal Government, Wednesday, in Abuja, launched commercial production of 10 per cent composite cassava flour product in the country.

Dot Earth | Can Genetics and Breeding Do for Cassava What They've Done For ...

New York Times (blog) - ‎23-10-2014‎
Buckler uses genomics and statistical genetics to understand and dissect complex traits in maize, biofuel grasses, cassava and grapes.

FG trains 4000 bakers on high quality cassava bread

Daily Sun - ‎18-11-2014‎
The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, yesterday stated that the Ministry has trained over a 1,000 bakers on production of cassava bread, while it aims to train another 4,000 bakers in the near future. The Minister ...

Child dies; siblings, father fall ill after eating beans, cassava in Abra

GMA News - ‎19-11-2014‎
A man and four of his children fell ill after having patani (lima beans) and kamoteng kahoy (cassava) for dinner in Abra Tuesday night, with one of the children dying at a hospital early Wednesday.

How the Gates Foundation Is Making Cassava the Next Corn

Smithsonian - ‎24-10-2014‎
You may know cassava as the tapioca thickener in your pie or the bubbles in your tea, but for millions of people worldwide it is a staple food.

5300 cassava farmers get Bank of Agriculture's N1.4b loan

WorldStage - ‎cách đây 9 giờ‎
WorldStage Newsonline-- The Bank of Agriculture said that it has disbursed N1.4 billion out of the N9.9 billion Small and Medium Enterprise fund to 5,300 cassava farmers cultivating 11,000 hectares of cassava in Nigeria. The Executive Director ...

Cyanide test for cassava

Royal Society of Chemistry - ‎23-10-2014‎
Cassava, an edible root that grows well in poor conditions, is the third largest source of calories for people in the tropics.

Nigeria: Government target 51m MT of cassava production by 2017

FreshPlaza - ‎17-11-2014‎
Speaking in Abeokuta during a training workshop on quality management systems for flash dried quality cassava production, the minister said: "Our target is to increase cassava production by 2017 to 51million metric tonnes, presently we are between ...

Honeywell lauds FG initiative on cassava, trains bakers

Daily Sun - ‎16-11-2014‎
He listed other efforts by Honeywell to support government's cassava initiative to include commencement of a three-week fully residential training programme for bakers in the company's baking school in Lagos.

Vitamin a Bio-Fortification - Why Cassava Was Chosen - ‎09-11-2014‎
An expert in crop genetics, Dr. Paul Ilona, has given insight into why cassava had been chosen for bio-fortification with Vitamin A in Nigeria, highlighting the crop's easy accessibility to resource-poor farmers as a major reason.

Minister wants more value from cassava

New Vision - ‎12-11-2014‎
While opening the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) cassava cluster workshop in Kampala, Wakikona said producers focus on the tuber (60% of the plant) for mainly food, while the peelings, which constitute 40%, are not well-utilised ...

Haiti - Agriculture : Invasion of caterpillars in cassava plantations - ‎15-11-2014‎
Following an initial field visit on October 28, led by experts from the Directorate of Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR), a delegation led by the Agronomist Arnoux Sévrin, Agricultural ...

Nigerian Economy Strengthened, As FG Launches HQCF

Leadership Newspapers - ‎cách đây 8 giờ‎
While many Nigerians continue to be pessimistic about the reality of 20 per cent cassava inclusion in wheat bread and other confectionery, the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Akinwumi Adeshina, said all bread, cakes and confectionery ...

Finance Minister hails $150m cassava investment by Red Stripe

Jamaica Observer - ‎28-10-2014‎
KINGSTON, Jamaica -- A $150 million invested by Red Stripe in local cassava production, to cut much of its imported raw material to its brewery, has been hailed as a move to make Jamaica more competitive and reduce the debt burden.

How Cassava Could Boost Food Security - ‎27-10-2014‎
AS the World Food Day is just concluded, the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFCN) has published a cassava recipes book in its bid to boost food security, incomes of farmers and small-scale processors and increase employment opportunities for large ...

World Bank, WAAPP cassava processing initiative takes off in Oyo

BusinessDay - ‎13-11-2014‎
While addressing the teeming farmers present at the ceremony, Toure noted with delight that the adoption of new agricultural technologies has impacted positively on the lives of Nigerian farmers as shown in their cassava (gari), quality protein maize ...

A story on Vitamin A cassava as a game changer

GhanaWeb - ‎24-10-2014‎
The bio-fortified cassava which is rich in vitamin A is becoming widespread in Africa, driven by increasing awareness of its health and nutrition benefits; and the variety is changing the description of cassava - a root crop often referred to as ...

Gov't to model Red Stripe's technology in cassava production

Jamaica Observer - ‎01-11-2014‎
KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) - The Government will be moving to adopt the technology used by Red Stripe in its large-scale cassava production, so that an islandwide cassava industry can be sustained. According to Minister of Agriculture, Labour and Social ...

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