Apr 17, 2011

Cassava News 90

Gates Foundation boosts efforts here to provide life-saving crops for Africa
St. Louis Beacon
By David Baugher, special to the Beacon When Martin Fregene talks to
farmers in his native Nigeria, he always tells them about the benefits of
the new variety of cassava he is working on. "They always tell me that if
what you are saying is true, ...
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Stella Maris Students Harvest Large Cassava
The Inquirer
8in. cassava that would make any 'dumboy' lover's mouth water. Dumboy which
is a local Liberian dish can be made with the produce being prepared in a
dough form and cooked, then eaten with any suitable soup. The coordinator
of the school's Agriculture ...
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The strength of women
Fiji Times
Apart from the plants, the women also loaded their sacks of cassava and
rourou (taro leaves) in preparation for their everyday meals. "We also
packed our stoves and only have to buy our kerosene and we are all set,"
she added. ...
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Danforth Center gets $8M from Gates Foundation for cassava work
Funds will be used to support Phase II of BioCassava Plus, a project that
aims to reduce malnutrition by increasing the nutritional value of cassava,
a staple crop consumed by more than 250 million sub-Saharan Africans and
nearly 700 million people ...
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GE's Biogas Engines to Power China's Largest Ethanol Production Plant
MFRTech (press release)
Owned by Henan Tianguan Group, China, the new ethanol production plant will
produce 500000 cubic meters of biogas per day, based on organic material
from cassava[1] plants. A 36-megawatt (MW) onsite power plant featuring
GE's Jenbacher engines is being ...
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Political support for agricultural development is low - Engineer
Ghana News Agency
Dr Bobobee said lately, the Department has added a tractor-operated cassava
harvesting implement which works best during the dry season and suitable
for large scale industrial cassava processing.
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Danforth Plant Science Center gets $8.3 million grant from Gates Foundation
Greenfield Daily Reporter
The grant announced Thursday will be used to advance work toward increasing
the nutritional value of cassava, a staple crop consumed by a quarter of a
billion people in sub-Saharan Africa. The plant science center says those
who depend on cassava for ...
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Government to construct over boreholes
Ghana News Agency
The District Chief Executive, Mr Joseph Omari, said most of the people in
the area were farmers who produced vegetables, maize, banana and cassava on
large scale. He said the third national best farmer for last year came from
the district and the ...
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Iconic 80s Singer Arie Wibowo Dies Day Before 59th Birthday
Jakarta Globe
(Photo Source Youtube) Eighties singer Arie Wibowo — who gained fame with
hits such as 'Madu dan Racun' ('Honey and Poison') and 'Singkong dan Keju'
('Cassava and Cheese') — died from a heart attack on Thursday. He was 58.
News about his death came ...
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Food or fuel?
City Journal.in
Biofuels are made from crops like corn, sugar, palm oil and cassava root
which are harvested and then shipped to plants to be converted into fuels
like ethanol. While it's likely that biofuels will play a significant role
in powering more efficient ...
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Gates backs GM crops with $17.7m
The Australian
The founder of Microsoft will today announce a huge investment in the
development of improved varieties of rice and cassava. Through the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation, he will offer grants worth pound stg. 11.4
million ($17.7m) to projects that ...
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News in a nutshell

This week's news includes an update on the situation at the Fukushima
nuclear power plant, a new understanding of antidepressant action, more
money for genetically-enhanced rice and cassava, bizarre breast cell
behavior, and a new benefit of broccoli. ...
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