Jan 14, 2009

Mushroom Tempura Vietnamese Style

with lecturer Nguyen Van Anh from the Hoa Sua Vocational School in Ha Noi (Viet Nam News January 12, 2009)

A few simple steps can bring a surprisingly excellent result. This appetiser is a favourite of Anh, and is made with popular ingredients available everywhere.

Ingredients: for 10 people

White button mushrooms: 1kg

Fried white sesame: 300g

Sweet&sour sauce: 700ml

Pepper and salt: to taste

Cooking oil: 500ml

Casava powder: 200g

Eggs: 10


Cut the mushroom to 0.3cm-thick slices. Marinate with salt and pepper.

Mix the cassava powder and white sesame thoroughly together.

Beat the eggs to a frothy consistency.

Dip the mushroom slices into the beaten egg, then continue to coat them with the mixture of cassava powder and white sesame.

Boil the cooking oil in a pan. Drop the mushrooms into the boiling oil and fry until they turn gold. Remove from the pan and put on a tissue to soak up the extra oil.

Serve hot with sweet&sour sauce.

You can enjoy the dish at the Hoa Sua Training Restaurant, 28A Ha Hoi Street, Ha Noi.

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