Jan 4, 2009

BIO-EARN promoting biotechnology in Ethiopia

Walta Information Center - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Saturday, 03 January 2009

Addis Ababa, January 3 (WIC) – BIO-EARN, an East African regional network for the development of Biotechnology, announced that it is working toward promoting the application of biotechnology in agriculture, industry, and environmental management in order to contribute for the sustainable development of the country.

BIO-EARN project and research coordinator, Shumu Teferra told WIC that the project is working to develop a network of excellence that will significantly contribute to improve food security, sustainable environment management, industrial production and enhanced livelihood in Ethiopia.

He said the organization, together with the Addis Ababa University and the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute, is undertaking various researches in Ethiopia including development of biotechnologies to improve biotic and abiotic stresses in Sorghum.

According to the coordinator, the project is also working to release virus-resistant cassava and sweet potato varieties and innovate seed delivery system for sweet potato and cassava at the Awash Melkasa research institution.

Development of improved technologies to utilize industrial and agricultural waste with a view to producing bio-energy and value-added chemical is also underway, he indicated.

He called upon government and other pertinent bodies to exert efforts on research and technology development in a bid to improve industrial productivity and create science-based business enterprises.

BIO-EARN is an East African regional program and research network working for biotechnology, bio-safety and biotechnology policy development in Uganda Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

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