Nov 22, 2008

Uganda: Researchers to Increase Lifespan of Cassava Tubers

by Aidah Nanyonjo (Kampala) - Washington,USA 19 November 2008

Research is on to prolong the life of cassava tubers after harvest. Dr. Yona Baguma, a researcher at the National Crop Resources Research Institute, says they have identified genes from wild cassava that can be incorporated into the local type to delay its post-harvest deterioration.He was presenting a paper at the Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa, at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala, recently.(Picture: Dr. Yona Baguma and friends in Memory from Gent, July 8, 2008 CassavaViet

Wild cassava exists naturally in the Amazon, so the researchers will easily get the required genes. The lifespan of locally adapted cassava will increase from two to 30 days. This will increase food security and cassava growers' income.

RBaguma says post-harvest deterioration is one of the major constraints in cassava production and commercialisation. He says after the field trial, they will evaluate the outcome. However, this may happen in about eight years because the process takes long.

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