Nov 13, 2008

New seminars to develop local products

BusinessWorld Online - Quezon City,Philippines

Vol. XXII, No. 79 November 13, 2008

POLA CORP. (Prime Organic Land Agriculture) launched technologies in the production of 50 variants of organically grown and processed roots, bananas and fruit, all purpose flour, pre-mixes and baked products.

Indigenous crops like yams, taro, sweet potato, arrowroot, cassava, potato, bread fruits and carbohydrate nuts are among the 50 materials that have been identified, studied and commercialized.

To this end, they conduct daily seminars on crop plantation, flour processing and baking. Special group seminar can also be arranged.

After years of research and development, POLA was able to develop a fully integrated system that can commercialize the processing of flour into bread products. The current selection includes bread, cookies, biscuits, chips, and noodles.

The corporation aims to make the planting, production and baking technologies available to communities, towns and organizations.

For details, contact Lourdes Co or Al Fritz delos Santos at 729-4447 or 0915-806-4988.

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