Oct 14, 2008

No sense in destroying crop

Mr Bethell

BARBADOS. Nation Newspaper.com; Barbados Leading Newspaper; Oct. 13, 2008.

I am addressing this letter to farmer Patrick Bethell who chose to destroy his cassava crop after some of it was reported stolen. When the enemy angers you he controls you. Mr Bethell I sympathise, empathise, but I do not side with you. You made your complaints on TV, the radio and in the print media. We all agree you planted acres of cassava and the thief or thieves should be in jail. What satisfaction has your ploughing your labour into the ground for a few stolen holes of cassava gained you?

I am totally against any kind of theft, but your actions were selfish and did not give even the police a chance to act on your behalf. It is my strong belief that the commissioner who heard your complaints was putting things in place.

Please answer me this question Mr Bethell: if a thief had broken into your home and stolen some valuables not once, not twice but thrice, would you burn down your house?

Why should you bring a curse on the blessings God has given you?


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