Oct 19, 2008

Gloria’s Shock Exit From ‘Hottest Host’

Story by Gloria Dzifa Kpodo

GHANA. Graphic Online - Accra, 17 Oct, 2008

For those who knew cassava is used for fufu, starch and gari only, they had a lot to add to their knowledge. Dedei took viewers and studio audience through ...

If nice comments from the judges on GAMA-TV3’s Hottest Host were all it took to remain in the reality show, then Gloria would have still been in the competition to have a feel of next weeks’ show.

Gloria had a nice try with the news report she did on an orphanage last Friday and as always the judges did not have much to say except for the fact that her research work is paying off. However, inspite of all the nice comments from the judges, Gloria had the lowest number of votes at the end of the show thus she had to leave.

Her exit brings to seven the number of contestants who have been evicted from Hottest Host.

It seems that with time, the contestants of Hottest Host who are gradually finding their feet and their presenting skills in areas such as entertainment, sports and news anchoring are taking shape.

On last Friday’s show, the contestants treated studio audience and viewers to different shades of presenting. For those who knew cassava is used for fufu, starch and gari only, they had a lot to add to their knowledge.

Dedei took viewers and studio audience through an interesting documentary that featured other uses of cassava.

She did a good job presenting an educative and informative session which won her good comments from the judges. Judge Abeiku who said that he felt very much educated asked her to enrich her vocabulary and add style to her voice in order to separate her ordinary voice from her professional voice as a reporter.

The only remaining male contestant, Collins did sports and had a pleasant performance which was nice to watch as well as listen to. He had a good interview with his guest who made his show lively with adequate update on the performance of the Black Stars.

Collins’ personality is gradually coming out as someone cut for sports but as said by Judge Abeiku, he looks too serious and needs to smile once a while.

Joan readily comes to mind when entertainment is mentioned on Hottest Host. She hosted a fashion show segment which showcased some interesting designs. Judge KKD asked her to do away with long ‘intros’. But for some of the designs that were interesting, her long ‘intros’ would have made her session boring.

Nana also continued the story on the career planning programme she started two Fridays ago. She did well but did not listen to her guest to enable her follow up on her questions. She was also asked by Abeiku to do away with long introductions since that was boring.

At this time of the election year when most Ghanaians are crying for peace, Odelia seized the opportunity to host a show to talk about the role of the media in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for the forth-coming elections in December.

She however did not get ‘peaceful’ comments from the judges. She was too serious and asked too many questions at a time. But she had a good guest who is a news anchor and a host himself so he was able to sail her through safely as if he was running the show.

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